NOTE: Because our goal is to get to a competency level necessary to pass the A+ certification exam this is NOT an open book or note test.


Expansion boards and buses, bus speeds

Motherboard and component assembly

Memory configuration

Memory management

The boot sequence

The POST process

Creating a bootable disk

AUTOEXEC.BAT files contents functions

CONFIG.SYS files contents and functions

Using Text Editor

By passing AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files

Stepping trough AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files

How to use a Multi-Meter

Calculate wattages

The characteristics of ATX and AT type mother boards, including power distribution

External dos command locations

Sources and targets

File naming

Examining hidden files

Execution priority

Showing directories, directory command and switches

Using the Make directory command

Using the CHKDIR command

Memory storage within hard drives and floppy drives

Physical and logical memory

Formatting disks



IRQ’s what they are, priority and important addresses

CPU Slots (which families they work with)

Wild cards

Serial port data transfer

Parallel port transfer

Deleting files, directories and subdirectories

Identify motherboard components, including connectors

Field replaceable units


Electrostatic electricity