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Design and Engineering Projects


Genius Project

Genius Project Video I

Genius Project Video II

Engineering Exploration Design Brief


Video Example of sharing out a Rasberry Pi, Voice Controlled Lamp!!!



Seismograph Design Brief

It's Crazy

Rube Goldberg Machine Design Brief

Below are links to several of our Rube Goldberg machines in action:

BF Rube Goldberg

BE Rube Goldberg

BRT Rube Goldberg

IAN Rube Goldberg

CKN Rube Goldberg


Rube Goldeberg Machine Examples

OK Go Video

Wintergartan Marble Machine

Back to the Future

World's Largest Rube Golberg Machine


Special Project Pick a Problem


Pick a Problem!

Special Project Rubric



Final Exam Digital Portfolio Project

Design and Engineering Portfolio (Final Exam)

Design and Engineering Portfolio (Final Exam Rubric)