Digital Electronics (DE)

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Course Syllabus

First Semester Study Guide


Engineering Tragedy Movie (44 min)

VEX Inventor Files Download

Digital Electronic Video Package


Engineering and Scientific Notation help:

Engineering and Scientific notation video

Engineering notation and metric prefixes

Understanding SI Units of Measure help:

Starter Page

Southeastern Louisiana University

Conversion Video

Multisim Help:

Multisim Download instructions

Multisim 14 from NI

Multisim Locate and Place Parts

Multisim Changing Workspace Settings

Multisim Basics (note this is the 11th version but 14 is similar)

Circuit Simulation with Multisim

Multisim Rotate Parts

Multisim DMM

Multisim Oscilloscope

Multisim Tutorial Michigan Tech pdf

NI Multisim Tutorials

NI Multisim Technical resources



(DE) Tutorials Unit 1.1 Introduction to Electronics

Ohm's Law, Series, Parallel Circuits PT 1

Ohm's Law Series, Parallel Circuits PT 2

Ohm's Law, Series, Parallel Circuits PT 3

Ohm's Law, Series, Parallel Circuits PT 4

Ohm's Law, Series, Parallel Circuits PT 5

Videos Worksheets etc


How to Use a Multi-Meter

Color Coding Resistors

Engineering and Scientific notation video

Engineering notation and metric prefixes

Soldering PT 1

Soldering PT2

Soldering PT 3


(DE) Tutorials Unit 1.2 Introduction to Circuit Design

Logic Gates and AOI

Logic Gates

Logic Gates Advanced

Number Systems

Binary Bonanza Game!

Binary Time Attack Game!

Flippy Bit (Base 16)

mydak tutorial

mydak tutorial

1.2.4 Sequential Day 1

1.2.4 Sequential Day 2

1.2.4 Sequential Day 3 Proto Board

1.2.5 Timer Circuits

1.2.5 Timer Circuits

1.2.7 RNG


(DE) Tutorials Unit 2.1 AOI Combinational Logic

Tutorials POS Combinational Logic Expression to Truth Table and SOP Expression

Tutorials Sum of Products From AOI Logic

(DE) Tutorials Units 2. 2 Unversal Gates and K-Mapping

Boolean Simplification

DeMorgan's Laws

K mapping

K mapping


(DE) Tutorials Units 2.3 Combinational Logic Design

(DE) Tutorials Units 2.4 Programmable Logic Devices

DMS Start up

FPGAs; Lesson 1: Concept Guide and Step by Step Tutorial to Flash LEDs

FPGAs; Lesson 2: Interconnecting VHDL modules; Top Level Design and much more

cmod S6 Tutorial

cmod S6 Video

Counting Display Example

Birthday Circuit in Action Video


(DE) Tutorials Unit 3.1 Sequential Logic Design

(DE) Tutorials Unit 3.2 Asynchronous Counters

(DE) Tutorials Unit 3.3 Synchronous Counters

(DE) Tutorials Until 4.1 State Machines

(DE) Tutorials Until 4. Introduction to Microcontrollers