(POE) Tutorials Unit 1.1 Mechanisms


6 Simple Machines

Mechanical Advantage

Mechanical Advantage II




1st Class Lever

2nd Class Lever

3rd Class Lever

Lever Systems in the Human Body (extra)

Incline Plane

Incline Plane Calculations


Wheel and Axle

Pulley Priciples

Pulley Caculations

Screw I

Screw II

Gears, Belts & Pulleys, and Chains & Sprockets

Gear Ratios

Gear Train RatiosĀ Calculations

Compund Gear Train Ratio

-----Classic Chevrolet Video How Gears work (Extra)

-----Manual Transmission, Gears in Action (Extra)

-----Cool Gear Video (Extra)

Belts & Pulleys Gear Ratios

Chain and Sprocket Ratios

Chain and Sprocket Calculations