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Problems in Technology Course Outline

Safety Worksheets

Safety Presentation

Daily Worklog




Design and Engineering Projects

Aero Dynamics


Automobile Aerodynamics "Streamlines" 1936 (7 min)

Lewis Hamilton visit in the Mercedes wind tunnel and in the driving simulator (9:44 min)

Ferrari 488 GTB - Aerodynamics (2:49 min)

Dream Cars, Wind Tunnel Testing (5 min)

Jay Leno's Garage Design of teh Times


Aerodynamics website , How Stuff Works

F1 Racing can give us a great overview!!!

Racer Chicks

NASA has some fun movies!!!



Airfoil simulation program


Aerodynamics movies (these NASA movies open slow, please be patient):

Forces information

Forces movie

Weight information

Weight movie

Lift information

Lift movie

Drag information

Drag movie

Thrust information

Thrust movie

Aerodynamics Design Brief (word)

Aerodynamics Design Brief (pdf)

Aerodynamics Grading Rubric (pdf)


Under Siege

Storm the Castle Design Brief (word)

Storm the Castle Grading Rubric (word)

Velocity Worksheet


Manufacturing Mayhem

Manufacturing Mayhem Design Brief (pdf)

Manufacturing Mayhem Design Brief (word)

Manufacturing Mayhem Grading Rubric

Post Production Feedback Questions


Jigs and Fixtures


1 if by Land, 1 if by Sea

Cool web sites:

Fun videos!!!


Hovercraft design brief (word)

Hovercraft grading rubric

Doc Sartori's Regatta

Regatta Design Brief

How it's made fiberglass boats

How it's made oil tankers



Game development

Air Hockey!!!


Instrument Design and Construction Project

Music Mania

Music Mania grading rubric


Special Project Inflatable Structure

Special Project Rubric


Final Exam Digital Portfolio Project Project

Design and Engineering Portfolio (Final Exam)

Design and Engineering Protfolio Rubric Final Exam

As a refresher, below is a link to the Intro to Technology Powerpoint that describes each blog post. It also includes the final or summary information. You are responsible for posts 7-10, one for each of the 3 projects in Problems in Technology and a summary of the course.


Design and Engineering Portfolio, Getting Started Powerpoint: Dr. Sartori