(POE) Tutorials Unit 3.1 Machine Control with VEX


Rubik's Cube Robot REALLY COOL!!!

VEX Robotic Curriculum

VEX Inventor Files Download

VEX Inventor Files Student Version

VEX Video Trainer Resources

VEX Cortex Video Trainer (A collection of Videos)

Inverntors Guide

Cortex Users Guide

Troubleshootung Flow Charts

Clawbot Wiring and building diagram

ROBOTC FAQ and Support

Teaching ROBOTC

Programming Cheat Sheet

While Loop Cheat Sheet

Ultrasonic Rangefinder Cheat Sheet

Line Follower (Tracker) Function

Line Follower (Tracker) Programming

Error Message Cheat Sheet


Joy Stick

Using Joy with Cortex

Remote Control Programming


Basic Inputs-Outputs, Programming, etc.

Starting ROBOTC

Connect VEX Cortex to Computer

Compile and Download

Motor and Sensor Setup

Run First Sample Program

Write First Program

While Loop


Advanced Debug

Functions and Test Code


Advanced ROBOTC (21 additional videos)