Things to know for the Quiz!


ATOMS, ELECTRONS, and Electric Charges chapter 3


What an atom is and what are its parts


Electrons, their charge and characteristics: including the process in which atoms gain or loose electrons, an electron that has left an atom and has not become a part of another atom, and the name of a shell that contains the maximum amount of atoms, free electrons


Element, molecule and compound






Electrostatic fields


The distance of an electron from the nucleus has what kind of effect


Static electricity, in the manufacturing process, how it works and how it

may protect the environment


Particle accelerators




Know what Energy is















Conductance and Resistance chapter 5


What resistance is


What each strip on the resistor means (not specific colors) for example the fourth stripe is the tolerance


Conductors and their characteristics, including common materials


Insulators and their characteristics, including common materials


Compare conductors and insulators


The relationship of heat and resistance


The relationship between wire size and resistance




Dielectrics and dielectric strength


Resistance measurements


Resisters, fixed types and variable types


Application of resistors






The speed of electrons