Graphic Communications I


Course Syllabus


Core Concepts of Graphic Design


Swatches and global colors (video)

Gradient in Ai (video)

Gradient in Ai


1) Beginners Guide to Graphic Design

2) What is Graphic Design?

3) Lines

4) Color

5) Shape

6) Texture

7) Space

8) Form

9) Typography

10) Contrast

11) Hierarchry

12) Alignment

13) Balance

14) Proximity

15) Repetition

16) Simplicity

17) Function


Using CC Tools-Tutorials

Ai Selection Tool

Ai Pen Tool

Ai Layers

Ai Gradient Tool

Ai Make Your Own Brush

Ai Auto Trace

Ai Brushes Tool

Ai Warp Tools

Ai Type Tools

Ai Symbols Tools

Ai Slice Tools

Ai Shape Tools

Ai Shape Builder

Ai Scale, Shear, and Reshap Tools

Ai Reflect Tool

Ai Perspective Grid Tools

Ai Pencil Tool

Ai Line Segment Tools

Ai Magic Wand and Lasso Tool

Ai Hand Tool

Ai Gradient Tool

Ai Eye Dropper and Measure Tool

Ai Eraser, Scissors, and Knife Tools

Ai Brush Tool

Ai Bristle Brush

Ai Blend Tool

Ai Art Board Tool

Ai Pen Tool Part 1

Ai Pen Tool Part 2

Ai Shape Builder

Ps Masking




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