DC Motor Building Projects

Motors in Action!!!!

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Updated motors in Action!!!!

Motor 1

Motor 2

Motor 3

Motor 4

Motor 5

Motor 6

Motor 7

Field Windings Project

This motor is constructed with 4 individual field windings (2 sets, one on each side of the motor)

Close-up of field winding motor

DC motor with vertical field windings


Typical DC Motor

DC motor (in operation) with permanent magnets


Mini Motor

The "mini motor" by Mikhail Gurskiy and Maher El-Awar

This motor is self-starting with less than 2 volts and runs on .8 volts


"Motor in a Can" Project

The "motor in a can". This fully enclosed motor by Chris Price was built inside a coffee can.

Chris and Lab assistant Kathy Lankford testing the "motor in a can".


Dual Armature Project

This dual armature project was constructed by Nick Barnett and Michael Blackwell


Vertical Armature Project

This vertical armature motor has field windings


The motor was designed by Adam Clements and Tim Hackbarth

This dual armature motor is powered by a 3 D cell battery



This single armature motor is powered by a single D cell, it starts and runs on 1.5V


Designed and built by Kyle Mulder and Jonathon Parker

Anther vertical style motor!!

Designed and built by Justin Forgacs and Michael Schwingel

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