Electronics II

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Flippy Bit (Base 16)


Robo Car Guidelines

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Counter Circuit

LED Cube

Click Here to View Above Video /ELE II Photos/Light Cube Vid.mp4

Light Cube Video

Telegraph, converts ASCII through PS/2 to Morse Code output

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Building a Video Game!

Video Game Close-up, Yes Dr. Sartori played it and lost!

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Arduino Tutorial

Arduino Web site

Arduino #1 Getting Aquainted with Arduino

Arduino #2 Buttons and Functions

Arduino #3 Electrical Engineering Basics

Arduino #4 Analog Inputs

Arduino #5 Motors and Transistors

Arduino #6 Serial Communication and Processing

Arduino #7 I2C

Arduino #8 SPI Interfaces

Arduino #9 Wireless Communication

Arduino #10 Interrupts and Hardware Debouncing

Arduino #11 SD Cards and Data Logging

Arduino #12 RFID Card Reading

Arduino #13 Liquid Crystal Displays

Arduino #14 Lights and Sound

Arduino #15 GPS Tracking